Computer Aided Drafting and Design…
From conceptual prototyping to manufacturing as-builts we provide what you need when you need it. If you’re a small business or an individual in need of some drafting services please contact us via the button on the left. We’ve done site survey drawings for local Tampa environmental engineers, architectural plans for buildings in Ybor City, military spec drawings for Clearwater defense contractors, and most importantly molds for a customer that needed to scale up his artificial bait manufacturing.

In today’s economy people are thinking outside the box to make ends meet. Our clients are trying to bring new products to market or make the better mouse trap, but don’t always have the means to convey their vision much less test it before the first prototype is ever made. This is where we succeed (without charging for engineering fees, attorney fees, patend fees, we can go on forever) by providing our clients with what they need at the price they agree to. We are not suggesting we’re the substitute for the professionals that you might need as you go through your endeavors. We are merely making you aware of the savings in hiring the paralegal before the attorney.

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Above is an example of a typical assembly instruction found in any purchased product and below is a video assembly instruction that might benefit your client when a drawing doesn’t capture your intent. We provide customized solutions for your clients needs.

Assembly Video

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